Snow Plowing in Bergen County, NJ

Snow Plowing in Bergen County, NJ

There's snow in the forecast for Bergen County and you know that you need a qualified contractor to perform snow plowing at your home or business.

A qualified snow plowing contractor is your lifeline to get through the harsh winter months. J. Campoli & Sons has performed superior snow plowing and ice control service for Bergen County homes and businesses for three generations! In this post, we're going to teach you why it is so important for you to receive the proper snow plowing and ice control service at your home or business! 

J. Campoli & Sons plow truck in Cresskill, NJ

J. Campoli & Sons has been plowing snow in Bergen County since the 1960s.  We know what it takes for the proper service of homes and businesses so that they are safe and secure in brutal winter storm conditions.

Too often, we see fly-by-night contractors and landscapers performing last-minute snow plowing and shoveling on homes and businesses in the middle of a snowstorm.  These can lead to dangerous ice conditions and even more threatening slip-and-fall conditions around your home or business!

J. Campoli & Sons Bobcat performing sidewalk service in Englewood, NJ

Here are the reasons you need a qualified snow plowing contractor to perform residential and commercial snow plowing in Bergen County, NJ:

1. Safety

Safety is the most important indicator of a job well done for snow plowing and ice control. An unqualified snow plower is not thorough enough to provide adequate service at your home. They may not entirely clean walking or driving surfaces, and may not have the proper equipment to apply salt or calcium chloride to outdoor surfaces. Their labor will not be properly trained in the application of these chemicals, which can lead to icy conditions, inconsistent application, property damage, and worst of all, physically dangerous site conditions.

Loading our Mack roll-off with salt to be applied by our dedicated salt spreaders.

Having the proper equipment is a massive step toward performing safe snow plowing and ice control service. Unqualified snow plowers throw a plow on their Jeep and call it good enough. J. Campoli & Sons has a fleet of diesel pickup trucks with a selection of snow plow sizes, three Bobcat skid steers for sidewalk service, as well as two excavators with snow boxes, and two dedicated salt spreaders for the proper service of our clients. This specialized snow equipment is supplemented by the muscle of our regular construction fleet, and makes it so we are able to provide service of any scale for your home or business.

Performing commercial snow stacking service in Rockleigh, NJ

Capability and competence in operations is the biggest key to safe service of snow plowing and ice control services. Don't just take it from us - J. Campoli & Sons is certified by the Accredited Snow Contractor's Association (ASCA) to be current and competent in the best practices of residential and commercial snow plowing and ice control services.

2. Insurance

Your snow plower's insurance is necessary for your peace of mind in the winter months. If an under-insured snow plower or one of their employees experience an injury in the dangerous snow storm conditions while working at your home or business, they will be seeking your insurance as payment for their damages.

If you have a business with walk-in clientele, keeping clean and dry walking surfaces during the winter months is absolutely necessary, otherwise your clients may seek slip-and-fall damages from you. Having regular and prompt snow plowing and ice prevention service will make sure that your walking surfaces are safe for anybody passing through.

A home receiving comprehensive snow plowing service from J. Campoli & Sons

3. Long Term Site Maintenance

Your home and business are the largest assets you have in your life. An unqualified snow plowing service can result in damage to your sidewalks, driveways, and structure of your home or business!

Concrete spalling caused by the improper application of rock salt

Unqualified snow plowers apply rock salt to concrete surfaces like sidewalks because it is cheaper than the appropriate ice melt chemicals like calcium chloride. Rock salt permeates concrete and leads to the sidewalk becoming super-saturated with water, meaning it soaks up more water than it can hold. When this super-saturated concrete freezes, it cracks and causes spalling, which is the flaking of your concrete walking surfaces. This means that one bad snow service in the winter can lead to permanent property damage and unsafe walking conditions around your home or business!

Unqualified snow plowers push snow up against the buildings on the lots they plow. Not only does this create a hazardous obstacle to walk around during the storm, it leads to melting and re-freezing conditions close to the building. The building's exterior can soak up this excess water, which will freeze and crack the exterior finish! This is avoidable by using an experienced snow plowing contractor like J. Campoli & Sons.

J. Campoli & Sons snow plow truck starting service in Cresskill, NJ

For professional and prompt snow plowing and ice control for your Bergen County home or business, call J. Campoli & Sons at 201-568-1100 Call us before it snows for a seasonal contract and responsive service throughout the winter!

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