The Simplest Way to Stay Away from Bad Contractors

The Simplest Way to Stay Away from Bad Contractors

You get what you pay for.

Nowhere is that true quite like construction.

The construction bidding process too often leaves customers with unrealistically low bids from underhanded shops, who plan to increase their margins with change orders after the contract has been signed.

That’s deceit. Good contractors don’t operate that way.

A good contractor puts hours of research and work into a single proposal. Don’t leave that value on the table. Rather than gun for the low-bid contractor, look at the higher bids from other companies, and ask yourself, “what am I missing out on by not selecting these shops?”


A low price gets the client a worse contractor, and a worse project.

The good contractor needs to make a reasonable margin. This allows them to support their overhead for dependable performance, and also to finance the project through completion. This gives the client the stability they should have throughout their project.

It is rarely recognized, but the truth is that… 


A good contractor wants the project to succeed just as much as the client.

Good contractors are hardworking folks who understand the value of a dollar. Good contractors understand that a project must stay within budget to be a success. Because of these aligned motivations, the good contractor is a client’s teammate.

By working together, the good contractor and the client have the skills necessary to determine if the project scope allows a feasible budget.


The worst thing you can ask your contractor:

Good contractors with experienced in-house staff, insurance, and dependable systems have overhead to maintain, like any established business. These good contractors are routinely confronted with the question:


The real question the customer needs to ask is, “do I want it cheap?” Because that’s how you exclude yourself from getting a good contractor.

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